Degree :
 Specialist (Bachelor+Master)
Subject area:
 Public health service and medical sciences
 31.00.00 Clinical medicine
 Voronezh, Russia
 6 years
Study type:
 Full time
Language of instruction:
Start date:
Application deadline:
 The Faculty of General Medicine
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 3800
Note: For CIS students tution fee is 2588$ per year
10 Studencheskaya Street, 394036 Voronezh, Russian Federation

Faculty of General Medicine

Course Summary

General Medicine Program is a 6 year graduate certificate program intended for foreign residents who desire to pursue a career in medicine and is designed as a full-time program. Graduates of the General Medicine Program are prepared as general practitioners (GP) who treat acute and chronic illnesses and provide preventive care and health education to patients. Our program combines classroom-based coursework with research and real-world experience working and practicing in the clinic. All disciplines are taught in the English Language.  Upon successful completion of the General Medicine Program, students will obtain a Specialist Degree in General Medicine.

The curriculum is designed to respond to the newest demands of modern medicine, so that every student who graduates is capable of solving the most complicated health related issues.

The graduate of General Medicine has adequate theoretical knowledge of both theoretical, pre-clinical subjects, and clinical disciplines. In their practical training they will learn basic preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures.

The last years of study  are dedicated to practical training in hospitals and health care institutes. The study is completed by the state examinations before the Board of the Faculty Experts.

Admission Requirements

Required Documents for Application


- Application form (written in Russian);

 - ID/passport (copy);

 - diplomas or educational certificates from previous educational institutions (with notarized Russian translation) (original or its copy certified as required);

 - Russian entry visa (original and copy);

 - migration card or the notification of migration registration (original and copy);

 - 12 photos (3 × 4 cm).

 All copies should be notarized.

 Foreign students should pass required entrance tests for checking the knowledge of Chemistry, Biology and English.

 Test dates:

English – 25.09.2018

Chemistry - 26.09.2018

Biology - 27.09.2018

 Minimum points required - 40 points per each test.  

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