Civil process, arbitration process

at RUDN University

Degree :
Subject area:
 Social sciences
 40.00.00 Law
 Moscow, Russia
 2 years
Study type:
 Full time
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 Institute of Law
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 4700
117198, Moscow Miklukho-Maklaya str. 6

Course Summary

Profession Focus:  

The law of foreign States has developed a sustainable concept of Dispute Resolution. The American Bar Association - ABA on its website provides the following definition of the concept mentioned above: "Dispute Resolution" is a term that refers to the processes that can be used to resolve a conflict, dispute or claim. The programme is intended to train professionals in the course of dispute resolution. At present, the forms of dispute resolution are divided into state resolution (resolution of disputes by state courts) and alternative one. Alternative forms of dispute resolution include arbitration tribunals, international commercial arbitrations, mediation, etc.

Study process:

Students study the full range of modern forms and methods of effective dispute resolution: civil process, international commercial arbitration, mediation, negotiation; and the application of advanced computer technologies in civil and arbitration proceedings, such as the filing of claims online via the "My Arbitrator" system.  A significant place in the programme is devoted to the civil procedural law of foreign countries, particularly the harmonized law of the countries of the European Union. An in-depth study of a foreign language, with the possibility to protect a master’s thesis in a foreign language and be awarded the relevant certification documents is obligatory.

All subjects are taught by teachers who combine their work with practical activities, in particular the arbitrators of the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the experts of the ICC Arbitration Commission of Russia.


"Relevant issues of the civil process", "International Commercial arbitration", "mediation and other alternative means of dispute resolution", "Remedies for judicial review", "Enforcement of decisions of arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction"; "The law of the European Union: the procedure of private disputes resolution"; "Advocacy in the European Union", "International Commercial Arbitration in Asia, Africa and Latin America", etc.


The students can apply their theoretical skills in practice by participating in well-known international student competitions in the civil process and International Commercial Arbitration (in Russian and English). Annually the Master students participate in the following international competitions:

International competitions on International commercial Arbitration - The Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (Vienna, Austria).
International student Competition in international trade law and International Commercial Arbitration ICC Lex Mercatoria (Minsk, Belarus)
Annual M.G. Rosenberg Competition in International Commercial Arbitration (Moscow)
The participant certificate of the tournament is an advantage in hiring in Russian and international legal firms.

Admission Requirements

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