Civil law, Family law, Business law Private International law

at RUDN University

Degree :
Subject area:
 Social sciences
 40.00.00 Law
 Moscow, Russia
 2 years
Study type:
 Full time
Language of instruction:
Start date:
Application deadline:
 Institute of Law
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 4700
117198, Moscow Miklukho-Maklaya str. 6

Course Summary

Profession Focus: 

Jurist. How much is in this word! Jurist is a lawyer obtaining the most comprehensive legal knowledge. Civil law (jus civile) considers as the legal form of economic relations, which are predominantly among private individuals. Ulpianus defined it as a "right leaning towards the benefit of individuals", so civil law is sometimes referred to as private law (jus privatum).  In modern society, the civil law specialist is certainly in demand because he or she has a wide range of adequate knowledge and skills in the field of private law, the identification of applicable law, the resolution of disputes, computer technology in jurisprudence.

Study process:

The programme is designed in such a way that the student during the lectures receive only the introduction to the discipline.  The most scope of classes are held in forms of seminars where the latest trends in the relevant legal framework are discussed.  Case analysis of the specific court decisions, provides an opportunity to see the application of certain provisions of the law in practice.  Students regularly participate in round tables, scientific seminars and conferences, and publish articles in scientific journals. Research work is actively conducted.


"Relevant issues of civil substantive and procedural law", "Civil Law Theory", "EU trade Law", "Insurance Law", "Contract Law", "Corporate Law", "Mergers\acquisitions", "Insolvency of the RF and foreign countries", "Patent law", etc.


Business games "Live Law", "School of Clinicians," an inter-university game "The whole life online?"  help students to understand the nuances of their future profession. Legal advice is obligatory.  According to the student's choice, this may be an Internet consultation on the Legal Clinic platform, an internship in the Courts of Moscow and the Moscow Region, an internship in a legal firm (after a successful interview). During six weeks, students have an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in practice: to participate in the negotiation process, prepare legal documents, including procedural ones.

Admission Requirements

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