Camp in Optical System Design

at ITMO University

Course type:
 Summer school
Language of instruction:
 Saint Petersburg , Russia
 2 weeks
Study type:
 Full time
Start date:
 Applied and Computer Optics Department
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 495
197101, 49 Kronverksky Pr., St. Petersburg, Russia

Applied and Computer Optics Department

Course Summary

Application deadline:

  • 15 May (for citizens of EU countries, China, India and non-visa countries)
  • 29 April (for citizens of other countries)

The Camp is designed for students with the background in Optics or just for those who are interested in broadening their knowledge in this field. So if you could be easily inspired just by thinking about how to reduce aberrations in optical systems or how to increase the resolution of imaging system, this program is definitely for you!

The camp incorporates a list of 13 topics in optical system design and includes both theoretical classes and hands-on experience of using special optical design software that can be applied for developing a wide range of optical instruments and devices.

List of possible research topics:

  • Design of a two-mirror optical scheme of a telescope’s objective
  • Design of a catadioptric scheme of a telescope’s objective
  • Design a telescopic system with lens inverting system
  • Design of a telescopic system with prism inverting system
  • Design of a microscope’s objective
  • Design of a photo objective with fixed focal length
  • Design of a system for laser beam collimation
  • Design of a system for laser beam concentration
  • Design of an objective for the LWIR region
  • Design of a condenser lens
  • Design of an eyepiece
  • Design of a microscope’s illumination system in microscope
  • Design of a lens endoscopic system

*Bachelor level students in respective fields (3rd year and up) Master and PhD students.