Sociology and Social Informatics

at Higher School of Economics - National Research University

Degree :
Subject area:
 Social sciences
 39.00.00 Sociology and Social Work
 Moscow, Russia
 4 Years
Study type:
 Full time
Language of instruction:
Start date:
Application deadline:
 Faculty of Social Sciences
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 4400
Note: For CIS students tution fee is 260000 per year
20 Myasnitskaya Street, Moscow, Russia, 101000, HSE University

Saint-Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Area Studies

Course Summary

Our program in Sociology and Social Informatics is first in Russia and one of the first BA programs in the world to train sociologists of the new digital generation.  Our program equip young people with solid knowledge in social sciences, including theory construction and model building,  as well as the cutting-edge skills in data gathering, processing, analysis and visualization.  These skills are useful in any venue of future life in business or academia.

The program also provides students with domain-specific competences, required for academic and professional success in the areas, related to the Internet and digitally transformed industries: consulting and marketing companies, internet advertising agencies, and digital start-ups, as well as in the online gaming industry and digital media.

The program includes not only sociological and humanities topics, but also applied elective courses in HR management and research, digital marketing and storytelling, knowledge management and organizational analysis, as well as mathematics, data analysis and computer science core, and theory construction and model building competences.

Choosing personal learning trajectory of elective courses and minor programs, our students can opt to dive deeper into data science and information systems topics, or applied topics in business, or enjoy educational paths with more cultural sociology, anthropology and the humanities in general.

7 foci of student research and study: Internet and Social Media, Computer Games, Adolescents and Youth, Education, Social Problems (inequality, migration etc.), Culture Studies, and Comparative Cross-Cultural Analysis.

 100% employment or enrollment in MA programs in Russia and internationally

More than 30 students each year participate in international conferencesand summer schools

 Four points to check whether this program is for you? Yes, if

 - You are interested in how behave in social networks and social media

 - You believe Internet and the World Wide Web to be most important feature of 21st century life

 - You want to combine interests in mathematics with the humanities and the study of society

 - You would like to be working in digital business and/or marketing

Admission Requirements

  Minimal Pass Scores at the 2 admission tests:

Math – pass score is 50 points

English – pass score is 60 points


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