Russian State Geological Prospecting University after name Sergo Ordzhonikidze (Moscow, Russia)

117997, Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya str. 23

Russian State Geological Prospecting University after name Sergo Ordzhonikidze (MGRI-RSGPU) during 100 years of its existence has prepared more 35000 specialists, 1,500 candidates of science 450 Ph.D. More 1,500 foreign citizens are among graduating students. Now, about 6000 students including more 800 foreigners from 45 countries of the world study at the University. MGRI-RSGPU prepares specialists, bachelors and holders of a master’s degree practically on all directions of geological- prospecting, mining industry, oil and gas sectors.

Graduating students of university have reputation of the high level specialists, they work in many countries and are in popular demand in leading Russian and foreign companies. MGRI-RSGPU has official state accreditation and license for realization of educational activity. The persons, who successfully graduated from the University, receive the diploma of state standard.


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Relevant documents:

  • passport (the document proving the identity and citizenship);
  • original or copy of the document on previous education (certificate for 11th grade or diploma of professional education);
  • liner with estimates (original or copy);
  • documents confirming the individual achievements of the incoming, the results of which are taken into account when applying for training (at the request of the incoming);
  • medical certificate of health status in the form of 086-u and a copy of the medical report confirming the fact of passing the mandatory medical examination (only for applicants for educational programs requiring mandatory medical examinations);
  • documents confirming benefits and other special rights (upon receipt of the results of the Olympics, the target set, special or preferential rights);
  • 2 matte photos 3x4 (only for applicants for internal exams).

Documents can be submitted:

  • in person (upon presentation of an identity document and citizenship);
  • through the authorized person (if there is a power of attorney issued in accordance with the established procedure);
  • by mail.

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MGRI-RSGPU has a 14-storey comfortable student hostel located on the territory of the University, in close proximity to the academic building, which is home to more than 1,000 students from a number of cities of the Russian Federation, as well as from the near and far abroad.

The hostel MGRI-RSGPU  DS "Prospectors" are provided to students studying full-time (daytime) and extramural budget or on a contractual basis, as well as applicants for the period of entrance examinations – admission to the University.

The hostel is available to students of correspondence form of education for the period of the session, subject to availability

The system of accommodation in the hostel DS "Prospectors" block. A separate unit includes two comfortable living rooms (double and triple), bathroom, toilet. The kitchen is located on each floor separately. Residents are provided with the necessary furniture (bed, wardrobe, bedside table, desk, chair), as well as bedding.

The surrounding area and the building of the hostel are equipped with an automated video surveillance system and fire protection system. 24-hour security is provided. Access to the hostel is carried out by magnetic cards through an electronic system of turnstiles, excluding unauthorized passage. Living rooms have Internet connection on a dedicated line. A wide range of additional services is provided. The cost of residing in the hostel (all versions of residing with cost) - 5030 rubles/month, (1- domestic block-14,000 rubles).

Representatives of the University are part of the Moscow inter-University coordinating, Council the coordinating, Council of the state universities of the South, where they spend working on the organization of such events as County holidays of student's youth "Tatyana's day", "planet Yugo-Zapad", a new year's ball of the prefect and the Intercollegiate tournament of KVN for the Cup of prefect and field tournament of KVN teams (Saint Petersburg), the international forum "Career", "Education - Employment - Career" Students and teachers are actively involved in these events.

The plans to participate in the organization of the District festival of Amateur creativity and a number of sports events. The trade Union Committee has established a Youth Student Center, which is engaged in the sphere of additional training of students (with the support of the trade Union Committee) - computer courses are organized, seminars on psychology and pedagogy, labor law and consumer protection are planned.

The University has a "provision on scholarship and other forms of financial support of students", providing for a differentiated appointment of students to a scholarship on the results of the examination session and the provision of social scholarships in the prescribed manner.

ANTROPOV  Pyotr Yakovlevich


Graduate MGRI in 1932, engineer-geologist.

Dean of the faculty of Geology, Deputy Director of MGRI.

Minister of Geology and subsoil protection of the USSR (1953-1962).

The Creator of the uranium mining industry in the USSR, one of the creators of nuclear and thermonuclear bombs.

Hero of Socialist Labor (1954). Holder of 5 orders of Lenin and 4 Orders of the red banner of Labor. Laureate of Stalin (1951) and Lenin (1978) prizes for the development of the method of underground leaching of uranium.


(Born 1929)

A graduate of MGRI in 1954.

Doctor of technical Sciences, Professor.

Honorary Professor of MGRI-RSGPU (2007)

Outstanding Soviet and Russian geologist. Minister of Geology of the USSR (1975-1989), academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences. Head of the group Of advisors MGRI-RSGPU.

He was awarded the Order of merit for the Fatherland III and IV degree, order of Lenin, red banner Of Labor," badge of Honor", Laureate of the Lenin prize (1964), state prizes of the Russian Federation (1998, 2002). Honorary prospector of mineral resources, Honorary oilman, Honorary worker of the gas industry, Honorary worker of the coal industry.

SMIRNOV Vladimir Ivanovich


A graduate of MGRI in 1934.

Doctor of geological and mineralogical Sciences, Professor. Since 1939-associate Professor and Dean of the faculty of exploration MGRI.

Deputy Minister of Geology of the USSR (1946-1951). Founder and head of a large scientific school on Geology and Geochemistry of minerals. Hero of Socialist Labor (1980), Holder Of 3 orders of Lenin, Orders of the October Revolution, the red banner of Labor.

Academician of the USSR and Russian Academy of Sciences. He was awarded the gold medal of RAS (1976). Winner of the Lenin (1972) and the State (1986) prizes of the USSR.