at RUDN University

Degree :
 Residency training
Subject area:
 Public health service and medical sciences
 31.00.00 Clinical medicine
 Moscow, Russia
 2 years
Study type:
 Full time
Language of instruction:
Start date:
Application deadline:
 Institute of Medicine
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 4600
117198, Moscow Miklukho-Maklaya str. 6

Course Summary

About the profession

The residency programme aims to acquire professional competences in the diagnosis and therapy of various forms of mental disorders, as well as to identify the causes that provoked them. A psychiatrist consults patients with healthy and disturbed psyche. This specialist prescribes medications that can treat the existing health problems. In addition, the specialist performs a general examination of patients, determines their ability to work and mental health. A psychiatrist cannot be confused with neurologists, psychotherapists and psychologists. A psychiatrist engages in the treatment of various mental abnormalities, regardless of their severity and a form of manifestation. Only a psychiatrist can prescribe sufficiently serious medicines with a pronounced effect that are sold only upon medical prescription. Drug therapy is a priority method of treatment for psychiatrists.

Training process

The educational residency programme "Psychiatry" is developed for people with higher medical education, aimed at training highly qualified specialists in the study of all kinds of mental deviations and disorders in terms of the application of medical methods of treatment and diagnosis, the psychological characteristics of the psychiatrist’s activities and patient’s behavior, the development of psychological methods of treatment and rehabilitation of patients, psychological aspects of hygiene, prevention, diagnostics.


Medical residents are distributed to the units of the clinical sites of the department, where, under the guidance of professors of the department, they have the opportunity both to expand their knowledge and see its application in practice. Students analyze clinical events and this provides the opportunity to obtain a wealth of clinical experience during residency training.


A graduate of the residency programme is a highly qualified specialist, who can apply modern high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment and carry out therapeutic, diagnostic, research activities, engage in private medical practice. Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to work in psychiatric clinics, polyclinics, research and practical centers, psychological counseling services. Upon completion of the residency programme, the students have the opportunity to enroll in the postgraduate programme on the specialization "Psychiatry".

Admission Requirements

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