North Ossetian State University named after Kosta Khetagurov (Vladikavkaz, Russia)

362025, Vladikavkaz, Vatutina st. 44-46

North Ossetian State University named after Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov founded in 1920 is old multidisciplinary classical university and a renowned center of educational, scientific and cultural development of the Republic. It is one of the top rank universities in Russian space of higher education. The university includes 18 Schools , Collective Utility Centre , Modern and advanced laboratories ,Diagnostic Clinic Dentist Center , Comfortable students’ hostel, Sport and Recreation Complex,  Concert Hall and Museum Complex , Campus, The Iriston Ensamble , KVN (Comedy Club) ,Mountain Cluster, Mountaineering Club, Language Center , Iranian Cultural Center.

NOSU today is The Centre of Innovation Technology and the Social Development of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania and is proud of 6235 Students  from 18 countries, 925 Staff members, 54 Professors ,77 Employed Doctors of Science , 330 Employed Candidates of Science. Students and university staff are awarded grants from various foundations (The Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, The Russian Science Foundation, The Russian Geographic Society, etc.), Russian State and Presidential bursaries, including for study abroad, are awarded. Our university is the local platform for  Forsythe sessions in the Northern Caucasus Region. Student teams participate in various annual competitions like Enactus and Preactum.

NOSU is a university with endless possibilities and provides a great start to successful future careers. We don’t stand still but continue to move forward on the road of innovative development. Let’s step into the future together!


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List of documents for applying:

  1. Passport with certified translation into Russian
  2. Migration card and registration(if you are in Russia more than 7 days)
  3. Diploma and school certificate with certified translation into Russian
  4. 2 photos (size 3x4)
  5. medical certificate of overall health condition
  6. HIV + AIDS certificates
  7. Nostrification (if needed).

Applicant can submit copies or originals of documents.

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Comfortable Students’ House on the territory of The Campus.

Only 6$ for accommodation per month.



From the Rector’s Desk

The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is famous not only for its pleasant climate, captivating mountains and majestic rivers. Everything we have inherited from our ancestors is held in high esteem, therefore we also have a special interest in the education of our young people.

Based on personal experience, we want to advise you to unlock your potential at the North Ossetia State University, the leading higher institution in the region, where a vast range of experience in the preparation of qualified specialists has been accumulated, which resulted in the formation of strong traditions of friendship and brotherhood among the students.

The number of foreign students is increasing, which we contribute to the quality of education students acquire here as well as to the socio-political stability and unity of different ethnicities in the Republic.

We are broadening the spectrum of possibilities for students in an environment where international mobility and exchange is growing. New spheres and fields are initiated and in the process a wide and diverse network of partnerships is then being formed. To top it all the most hard-working and talented students are awarded substantial bursaries.

Studying with us is interesting, challenging and exciting. Numerous colourful festivals and sport events are held on campus. There are also a wide variety of creative studios operating at the University. Furthermore, students are offered comfortable rooms in our modern student residence.

Alan Ogoev


Iriston Folk Dance Ensemble

The honoured  Iriston Folk Dance Ensemble is a university youth association which maintains centuries-old Ossetian traditions and culture.

The Ensemble received numerous of highest awards on Republican, Regional and International level. Iriston is the winner of Gaudeamus-7,8,9, student festival and the XII World youth festival in Moscow, The Grand Prix at a National Dance Competition in Tbilisi (Georgia).

Fashion in NOSU

Since 2007 NOSU has annually hosted the Fashion Pulse competition for upcoming young fashion designers. More than 600 students have participated since its inception. The winner receives the prestigious Golden Thimble award with ethno style as the main feature of the competition. NOSU students take part in international events: Gubernskiy Style, Podium, International Fashion Assembly, Roma Fashion Week.

You cannot buy happiness, but you can live in Vladikavkaz and that is very much the same thing.

Alice Smith, South Africa . Graduated in: 2020

Russia is considered a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, but to experience the depth and thrill of unravelling this mystery it’s necessary to visit the Caucasus. Why not start in North Ossetia-Alania? Go to Vladikavkaz, with it’s tumultuous and fascinating history, ever-present mountains and main artery, the ancient Terek, flowing through it. If you listen carefully you might imagine the voices of history and the sound of horses’ hooves and the crossing of swords and sables in long-passed battles in the whispering of the wind or the flow of the river.

The people here are intense, warm-hearted, sincere, hospitable and respectful and protective towards each other. The prerequisites for being happy in North Ossetia is to allow yourself to be stuffed like a Christmas Turkey (it is impossible to think you are going to lose weight here); be willing to stand still and spend time talking and listening to others; slow down your pace and go on a tram ride; start valuing people more than things; don’t be shy to express your feelings through  dancing, singing, poetry and painting; go for a jog across the bridge over the Terek or a stroll along Prospect Mira and imagine yourself as the main character in an black and white Soviet movie with the sound of City Radio taking you on a nostalgic flight of the imagination as it plays music of bygone years or go on a hike in the mountains and have a barbecue in the forest with friends, new and old.

You cannot buy happiness, but you can live in Vladikavkaz and that is very much the same thing.

Stanislav Cherchesov- Head Coach of the Russian National Football Team

Andrey Vorobyev –  governor of the Moscow region since 2013.

Alexander Totoonov – Member of the Federation Council



Alan Hugaev won the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Greco-Roman men's 84 kg class

Olympic Champion 2004, Five Times World Champion.

Khadzhimurat Gatsalov won the gold medal in the freestyle 96 kg class in the 2004 Summer Olympics.


Soslan Ramonov is Olympic gold medalist 2016.

Soslan Ramonov won the gold medal in the freestyle 65 kg class in the 2016 Summer Olympics

Khasan Baroyev competed in the Men's Greco-Roman 120 kg at the 2004 Summer Olympics and won the gold medal. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, he was awarded the silver medal.

Tamerlan Tmenov is Olimpic  bronze medalist 2000.


Tamerlan Tmenov won silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics +100 kg