General Medicine

at Kazan Federal University

Degree :
 Specialist (Bachelor+Master)
Subject area:
 Public health service and medical sciences
 31.00.00 Clinical medicine
 Kazan, Russia
 6 years
Study type:
 Full time
Language of instruction:
Start date:
Application deadline:
 Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 5600
18 Kremlyovskaya str Kazan, 420008 Russian Federation

Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology

Course Summary

The unique advantages of the program are the curriculum, close to the European medical education programs, the clinical preparation from the 1st course on the basis of its own multidisciplinary clinic, the use of modern simulation technologies, the participation of students in university research with the implementation of two term papers, the possibility of internships in universities in Europe and Japan, and: • Integration of biological and clinical disciplines; • Enhanced preparation of the Russian language (4 semesters, 108 hours each); • Participation of students in scientific research with the implementation of two courseworks: on the 4th year - the coursework devoted to the development and application of methods of biomedical research, on the fifth year - clinical coursework using fundamental research and analysis methods; • The use of simulation training technologies on the basis of its own Center for Simulation Training • Beginning of clinical training from 1 year of education on the basis of its own modern multi-field university clinic and leading medical institutions in Kazan; • Wide choice of disciplines at the student's choice, allowing to specialize in the chosen direction or to choose in each block disciplines of different profiles; • The last training course includes 3 large blocks, two of which are mandatory for all students (hospital therapy, hospital surgery) and one - a block of disciplines at the student's choice, which allows you to practice at one of the specialized departments (polyclinic, maternity hospital, department ray diagnosis, department of functional diagnostics, children's department, etc.); • High-quality fundamental training in the profile departments of the university, which have modern equipment; • Highly professional teaching staff; • Possibility of internships, practices and semester training in European universities (Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.), Israel, Japan thanks to the curriculum, close to the European programs of medical education. Graduate: - has high-quality fundamental training; - has experience in research and clinical work; - possesses all necessary professional competences provided by Federal Standards in the specialty "General Medicine" and the International standards of medical education. - can continue training in a residency in any clinical specialty or post-graduate studies. - can find a job in medical-preventive and diagnostic institutions of health care, educational institutions of secondary special and higher education, training of medical personnel, research institutes of medical and biological profile. Ifmib medical school is included in the world directory of medical schools

Admission Requirements

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