HSE and University of London Parallel Degree Programme in International Relations

at Higher School of Economics - National Research University

Degree :
Subject area:
 Social sciences
 41.00.00 Political Sciences and Area Studies
 Moscow, Russia
 4 Years
Study type:
 Full time
Language of instruction:
Start date:
Application deadline:
 Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs
Tuition fees per year:
 USD 9950
Note: For CIS students tution fee is 660000 per year
20 Myasnitskaya Street, Moscow, Russia, 101000, HSE University

Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs

Course Summary

Led entirely in English, the parallel degree International Relations Bachelor programme prepares students for careers in the international public and private spheres. Successful graduates receive two degrees: a Russian Bachelor in International Relations from HSE and a British Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Relations from University of London (UoL). All courses are taught in Moscow and students can apply to participate in short-term study programmes (for example, summer schools) in the UK. Staff from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) (which serves as the Lead College for the University of London International Relations BSc) develop the programme’s syllabi, prepare study materials, and assess students.

The programme combines the academic strengths of HSE and UoL, offering a wide selection of rigorous courses in fields ranging from history and political science to economics and mathematics, and including a choice among five different foreign languages. Students build their own intellectual and communications skills, develop strong, persuasive writing skills, and hone their ability to formulate, analyze and discuss ideas. Graduates of the programme are well prepared to begin their careers in business, civil service or academia, or to continue their education by pursuing a master’s degree in Russia or internationally.

The application process is highly competitive and based on merit. Candidates may apply in English or in Russian:

  • English-speaking applicants must apply through entrance exams organized by HSE
  • Russian-speaking applicants must apply through the Unified State Exam (in social sciences, Russian and foreign language)

Successful applicants must also provide evidence of their English language proficiency through results from international language exams (for example, IELTS or TOEFL). Students who have at last 5 years of education at the secondary school level entirely in English are exempt and do not have to submit certificates. Please note that the application to University of London (in English) is separate.

This programme is tuition-based and Russian Government scholarships are not available, however, HSE will offer bursaries to a number of successful candidates. 

Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s HSE and London University Parallel Degree Programme in International Relations is led entirely in English. Therefore, high level of proficiency in the language is needed.

As an additional advantage for the applicant, we accept and consider IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE certificates. Lack of certificates does not remove you from admission process.

Applicants who are entitled to take HSE exams will have to pass English language and History exams. They are to be held in July.


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